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Sahara Engineers is leading Full Gear Couplings Manufacturer in Ahmedabad and Full Gear Couplings Supplier in India provides Latest and Modern Engineering Machinery.

The standard series 100 full gear coupling, the type used on most industrial applications, is the double engagement forged steel coupling. it will compensate for both parallel (offset) shaft misalignment and angular misalignment and has a large end float capacity. Full gear coupling transmits heavy duty loads when selected and applied correctly. standard couplings come with exposed bolts but shrouded bolts beyond fg-110 can be supplied at no extra cost.

The hubs are reversable and the reversed position permits a larger Shaft separation and this finds great application when using tapered shafts as found on most large centrifugal pumps, compressors, generators and steam turbines. These full gear couplings are generally supplied with rough bores and can be supplied with finished bores as well.

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Full Gear Couplings