Gear Coupling

What is Gear Coupling?

Gear Coupling is among the most commonly used methods for connecting process equipment. Gear Coupling also is known as G Couplings and is formulated to connect elements between two shafts. The two shafts are connected by a third shaft, called the spindle. Sahara Engineers is a leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Gear Coupling in India. As we know the quality of the Gear Coupling differs from the manufacturer. Having more than 21+ years of experience we serve the best quality of Gear Coupling in Gujarat, India. We manufacture different types of Gear Couplings including

Half Geared Coupling is most commonly used in floating shaft applications or on line shafting to accommodate axial expansion, these Gear Couplings pilot shafts and also compensate for up to 1 ½ angular misalignment.

Full Gear Coupling transmits heavy-duty loads when selected and applied correctly. standard couplings come with exposed bolts but shrouded bolts beyond FG-110 can be supplied at no extra cost.

We manufacture Gear Couplings according to the client’s requirements. Our most recent machinery and highly skilled work power Can meet mechanical necessity in all perspective.